5 Benefits of Living in HDB Houses for Rent in Singapore

Although Singapore can be an expensive country overall, there are ways you can save on your living expenses. You can afford to live here by choosing the right type of accommodation for your lifestyle.


For instance, renting an HDB apartment in Singapore could be an ideal option if you are on a budget. You get to enjoy a home for a fraction of the price you’ll pay in other accommodation types. Let’s talk more about the benefits of choosing HDB as your home in Singapore.


  1. Comparatively cheaper. If you are to compare the cost of living in condominiums or landed housing to HDB house for rent, you’ll see that the latter option is generally the most affordable. This housing option is hence friendly to those who are still yet to gauge the actual cost of living in Singapore. Also, if you are moving to Singapore as a family, HDB makes for a practical choice. HDB units are spacious too so you won’t have issues even if you have little kids living with you.


  1. Complete with basic necessities. It’s easy to find HDB units for rent in Singapore that are close to basic establishments such as hospitals, schools, parks, and even and sports complexes. You need not commute or drive far to get to any of these facilities. You’ll also notice that there are nearby train or bus stations to help you get to your destination with ease and without spending a fortune. Even within the HDB area, you may find commercial developments ready to serve tenants like you. If you are unable to cook or prepare your own food, it’s easy to find a place to fill your tummy.


  1. Comes with built-in communal spaces. If you would like to have access to a communal space that you can use during events, you have nothing to worry about as HDB communities have their void decks. Void decks are part of HDB apartments. They’re located on the ground floor, spacious and usually open. Tenants go here to socialize or celebrate special occasions rather than renting private spaces. If you would like to have a feel of the community before deciding to rent a unit, you may want to take a glimpse of the void deck and other communal areas. You might even get the chance to make new friends right away.


  1. Offers recreational facilities. HDB communities usually have their own community centre that you can explore for entertainment or relaxation. If there is any equipment you’re interested to use, you only need to pay a minimal fee or even enjoy it for free. Just ask the management or your landlord for more information.


  1. Diverse community. HDB communities adhere to an ethnicity quota system. Chances are you’ll also meet foreign tenants like you, temporarily staying in the rental flats. You need not feel segregated wherever you live. More so, you’ll also get the opportunity to meet locals and understand more about their culture.


Finding an affordable second home in the Lion City is not as hard as you may have heard from others. Use reputable online platforms to check available rental listings with ease. Be sure to schedule a visit before making a decision.  Enjoy the benefits of living in HDB rental flats in Singapore!