5 Movies that Highlight the Significance of Credit Card Use

If you are planning to get a credit card or if you are a brand new owner of a credit card and you want to learn more about how credit cards work, then watching movies that highlight the importance of using credit cards is a good idea. Here are the top 5 movies that highlight the use of credit cards:

1.     Transformers (2007)

–          In the 2007 Transformers movie starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Tyrese Gibson and Josh Duhamel, there was a scene when a big intergalactic robot was attacking the U.S. military base in Qatar. Captain Lennox, played by Duhamel, tried to resolve the situation by calling the Pentagon to provide them with reinforcements in their current battle with the robot. However, the operator on the phone informed him he needed a credit card before he could connect his call. Because the captain didn’t have a credit card, he interrupted Sgt. Epps, played by Gibson to borrow his Visa credit card to complete the call. The scene highlighting the importance of credit card use ended with the operator offering Captain Lennox a premium plus war service gold package for credit cards. The movie’s point is well-taken: credit cards are very handy in times of trouble and emergencies.

2.     Batman & Robin (1997)

–          The 1997 version of the film Batman & Robin featured George Clooney, Chris O’Donnell, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Alicia Silverstone and Uma Thurman. In one scene, Poison Ivy—played by Uma Thurman—had sprinkled both Batman & Robin with magical dust, and made the two super heroes want Poison Ivy so much they started bidding for her. Batman ended up bidding for Poison Ivy for $5 million using his Bat Card, which had been underwritten by Gothcard with a tagline “Good through Forever.” In real life, a credit card much like the Bat Card used by Batman is being issued by a bank in Hong Kong. The movie showed viewers how reward points could be earned through making huge purchases.

3.     The Man from the Diners’ Club (1963)

–          A film made in the 60’s starring Danny Kaye and Telly Savalas, the story revolved around Ernie Klenk, whose job entailed approving credit lines for new credit card holders of the Diners’ Club. Trouble began when Ernie approved a mob boss named Foots Pulardos—played by Savalas—who was facing a tax evasion case. Because Foots shared similar features with Ernie, Foots whacked Ernie and tried to steal his identity and then retire to Mexico. The movie showed its viewers the value of requesting credit card issuers to check the ID by writing it on the signature section of the credit card to prevent scammers from stealing away your identity.

4.      Midnight Run (1998)

–          A movie that stars Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin, the plot involved a rival bounty hunter looking for mob accountant Jonathan Mardukas—played by Grodin—and bounty hunter Jack Walsh, which was played by De Niro. The hunter used a credit card receipt from Jack Walsh to track him, finding out the last place he used it at, before he had the card cancelled. With the card cancelledd, Walsh had to use slower transportation modes in order to transport his prey from New York to Los Angeles. The movie showed the importance of advanced transportation booking by using a credit card online to avoid the hassles and problems of last-minute bookings.

5.      The Jerk (1979)

–          Made in the late 70’s, featuring Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters, Nevin Johnson—played by Martin—worked at a gas station where he encountered dubious individuals who wanted to gas up at his station. He told them credit cards were accepted only on Sundays. The driver then proceeded to present him with a Master Charge card owned by a certain Mrs. Neusebalm, which turned out to be a stolen card. The goons escaped with Nevin’s cash along with radials in the trunk—as soon as Nevin found out that the card was stolen and he’d called up the police to turn them in. The movie highlighted the consequences of stealing credit cards and using them, which is a felony punishable for up to 20 years in prison.

These are just some of the movies that show customers how a credit card should be used  as well as how it should not be used for various day-to-day activities.