5 Tips to Finding a Family Clinic that’s Easy to Work With


After moving to Singapore with your family, finding a medical clinic should be among your list of priorities. Too often, people tend to register to a clinic that is located close to home, school, or work. Going this route has its benefits but you’ll want to consider more factors. After all, your family’s health is always a serious business. You can’t afford to settle for less. That said, consider these tips as you find a family clinic to sign up with.


Identify your needs. 

Talk to your partner what you will need or are looking for in a medical clinic. Are there specific medical services that you require? Is there someone in the family that require special medical attention? If so, you will need to find specialists and not all medical offices may have them. Check to see if the clinic accommodates the type of medical conditions your family members have. It helps a lot if the clinic you choose performs all services that you need so you will no longer have to find another.

Ask your fellow expats.

The list of recommendations available online can be intimidating. While information on the web can be valuable, you’ll also want to go offline and ask around. Talk to your fellow expats where they’re taking their family for their medical needs and concerns. Ask if they can recommend a particular practitioners and find out where they’re providing services. If you’re from Bedok North, find a clinic with a medical team that is highly recommended. Schedule an initial appointment to see whether you and the practitioners are a match.


Look into practice hours.

It doesn’t make sense to book with a reputable clinic only to struggle keeping up with your appointments. Apart from accessibility, another critical factor to look into is practice hours. Your work or lifestyle may only allow little flexibility when it comes to time. Hence, you need a medical clinic that can work around or matches your schedule. That can mean finding practitioners that are available after office hours during weekdays or during weekends. Or going to a family clinic in Bedok that does not require long waiting time just for you to see your doctor. While you understand that medical offices can be busy, remember that your personal time is valuable too.

Inquire about billing arrangements.

Ask about accepted payment methods. It is important to know whether there are costs that you need to pay upfront so you can also set aside a budget. Medical bills can be costly and it helps if the clinic allows for flexible financial options.


Get to know the doctors.

Find information about the doctors before you even schedule your first appointment with them. See about their professional experience. In addition, if you have a language you prefer or are most comfortable with, see if the practitioners can speak them as well. It will be easier to express your concerns without language barriers.


Finding a clinic in Bedok North or wherever you’re based at in Singapore can be likened to making a huge investment. You need to look carefully into your options to reduce risks. Take note of the tips listed above and don’t hesitate to contact the medical clinic if information you need is not available on their business website.