6 DIY Tools a Handyman Should Have

Anybody who is looking to get into the handyman business is getting in at the right time. There are many people who don’t have the skills to deal with the problems that a handyman should excel in. being a handyman can be a fun career to have purely because you get to take on so many challenges in your everyday work.

One of those challenges is being prepared for every job, no matter what. To be prepared for every job, you should have all of the right tools. This means having all of the materials needed to fix electric items and the right tools to deal with problems with flooring etc.

Having the right blend of tools for refining and repairing items, as well as having the right metrology tools for precision an accuracy is a key part of being a good handyman. If you can equip yourself sufficiently, you will find that your job is much easier as a whole.

If you are wondering what your average handyman should be carrying around, we have compiled a list of some of the most useful tools that will save you more than once;


Screwdrivers come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you have more than one. Screwdrivers will probably be one of your most commonly used tools because handymen tend to do quite a lot of screwing. As long as you have flatheads and Phillips heads in varying lengths in your toolbox, you will be fine for just about any screw job that comes along.


Duct tape tends to be the savior for many a handymen. The perennial king of patching things up and temporary solutions, you can put anything back together using some duct tape. Having plenty in your toolbox will make your job much easier, saving you much time and stress.


You might not want to carry it around with you, but having a saw on location is a good solution. You might need to saw down some wood to get pieces to fit together, so make sure you are prepared for any occasion.

Hammer & Nails

The hammer comes hand in hand with some nails, as you will inevitably come across something that needs hammered into place. As a handyman, you will take on so many different tasks that having a hammer available to tricky fittings or put things in place is very much advised.


Preferably cordless for the ease of use, drills need a series of different bits and parts to be of full use to you. Make sure when you pick up a drill, you get all of the right bits for the jobs you regularly take on.

Measuring Equipment

A level and a ruler are vital for any good handyman. Making sure your work comes out straight all the time is part of the job, so don’t cut any corners when you are putting together jobs and have everything perfectly level!