A Different Kind of Bubble

People are very familiar with bubbles. The term “Bubbles” could be associated with those round shiny things made up of a soapy substance that float around the air and is easily popped. Bubbles could also be associated with those round things that float up the water; this is because of air trying to escape the water. It could also be used to describe those plastic wraps with a lot of bubbles that a lot of people really find relaxing. But who knew that these “bubbles” could also be used in sports and not only that, it could also help people lose weight, be crafty and smart and promote teamwork and better communication!

There is a sport that is starting to become popular; and that is the called the “Bubble Bump”. “Bubble Bump” sounds impossible right? People know that once a bubble is bumped, it pops! Well, in this new sport, bubbles do not pop; they could bump into things many times! This sport is played in groups. The mechanics are simple, a player puts on a large bubble suit, just like wearing a giant bubble ball over your body and then that is where the fun starts!

There a lot of ways in which bubble bump could be played with. There is a game called “Protect the king” in which a group of 5 players in 2 teams will do everything they can in their bubble suits to protect their appointed “king” teammate from the other team while making sure that their “king” gets to the goal. They need to make a strategy for this one!

Another game that could be played with the bubble suit is the “conquer the base” in which all the team members must form a plan and strategy that they can use to get themselves into the opposing team’s home base. Points are awarded to the team who gets to their opponent’s base. This makes bonding more fun and healthy!

Soccer is a sport that everybody knows. Now that Bubble bump has been invented, you could now play soccer with the fun and safety of bubble bump! Just like playing regular and fun soccer, bubble bump soccer goes the same way as its original counterpart. Players have to score by kicking the ball into their enemy’s goal.

Playing bubble bump promotes team play, coordination and good communication. This sport is great for companies’ team building activity, a way to bond with friends and families and just an outlet to play and have fun. This game also promotes health and fitness as you have to really move your body to fully enjoy the game. it exercises you brain to be able to completely make up a strategy or plan as how you would your bubble suit to your own advantage while focusing on your goal to win and claim the victory.

The game of bubble bump is starting to make noise around the world. Bubble bump is sport known in Singapore. With the rate of it becoming more popular as more people enjoy it, the bubble bump invasion is soon to start!