Bitcoin Dice: Advantages And Strategies

Singapore is slowly warming up to cryptocurrencies and casinos as the country promotes its two integrated casinos and welcomes local cryptocurrency exchange Binance to its land. With that, Bitcoin casino games are slowly becoming popular to many online casino sites, particularly Bitcoin dice. If you want to try the game and earn money out of it, read on below.

Online Dice + Bitcoins

The most popular provably fair game you can find in all variants of Bitcoin online casino games is Dice. The online version of the well-loved casino game allows gamblers to roll virtual dice, and it’s completely the same as the standard dice with six sides and shaped like a cube. The main difference of Bitcoin online dice to traditional or physical dice and online dice is its powered by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, a revolutionary mode of payment invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. This particular games allows the player to experience the following features:

Anonymity – combining dice with Bitcoins would give you privacy and anonymity. The payment method is powered by the blockchain technology. Nobody owns it, and no one can manipulate it, so your personal information is hidden from the public’s eye.

Security – Bitcoin will require you to use a Bitcoin Wallet. All your Bitcoin Wallet’s information and betting transactions are stored and recorded in a public ledger where no one can manipulate or steal from.

Strategies + Bitcoin Dice

Since Bitcoin dice is one of the easiest games to play among all casino games, you don’t need a definitive guide to learn it. However, you need a strategy to win it.

Martingale strategy – This particular tactic allows you to bet the same amount if you win, and keep betting double if you lose. The player chooses his odds that will double his bet so that he compensates for his previous losses. If this bet is lost, the next bet is doubled again. But if all goes accordingly, the player should be able to accumulate wins indefinitely.

Paroli strategy – You start by betting a set amount. If that bet wins, double your bet in your next rolls until you incur a loss. Build a winning streak and expect your bankrolls to grow continuously. Also, consider tempering your bet. Basically, each time you lose and each time you incur a series of wins, you reduce the amount of your bet. This is a watered down version of the Martingale Bitcoin online dice strategy as it aims to utilize the straight wins.