Choose a Maid Agency You Can Trust

You might have come home to a pile of laundry, unfixed mattresses, unwashed dishes on your sink, and messy kitchen counters. We all know how much it makes our day extra stressful. After all, it is not what we want to come home to after an exhausting 9 to 5 shift.

Using our time off to fix the bed, wash the dishes, and sweep the floor will not just deplete your energy and rob your life from other more enjoyable activities. It will make your age sit heavily on your shoulders, too! In the past, you might have denied the thought of getting a housekeeper: Maybe it is a luxury you cannot really afford. There are bills to pay and other leisures you wanted to shell out money for. Or you reasoned that it is a sign of laziness and failure to organize things properly. But have you ever thought why you should now?

Whether you need a full-time and stay-in housekeeper or an occasional help to clean the house and maintain your rooms orderly, there is a maid agency in SG that will suit your needs. If you have been browsing through the web for maid agencies and your search fetched a bulk of results, here’s how to filter them out so you can get the housekeeper you could trust! Read on.


The Maid Should Be Friendly to Kids

This is one factor that most of us fail to consider. If you have an infant or a toddler, or a kid who likes to run around the house, this means extra cleaning and extra laundry—something that a parents won’t be able to handle on their own. However, putting all those aside, the maids should be friendly to kids. We know there are a number of incidents that maids mistreat kids and passively abuse them with words, especially if the kids cause an extra work for them.

There is a Filipino maid agency in Singapore whose virtues include kid friendliness. We all know that Filipinos are hospitable, kind, and nurturing, even to kids that are not their own.


The Maid Should Be Professional and Well Trained

Everybody can clean the house, but not everyone could clean it as thorough as cleaning professionals. Cleaning experts have a great eye for detail, and they are meticulous with what they do. Hence, they do not miss spots, they make sure that the furniture and fixtures in your house are dust free, and they can remove all patches of stains on your clothing!

What’s more, you do not have to tell them one by one what they should do because they are experienced in their career. Imagine how easy they could make your life!


The Maid’s Criminal Record Should Be Clear

You do not want to hire someone you could not leave the home with in peace. All of their qualifications would amount to nothing if you have second thoughts about their honesty! Good thing is, a licensed maid agency will always perform a background check with their employees to see if their criminal record is clear.