Crossfit Equipments

Crossfit trainingSo what does a Crossfit gym look like? It depends on which one you choose. When you enter a Crossfit gym, you will see many varied kinds of equipment in the space:  barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and gymnastic rings scattered around the room. No fancy dumbbell racks, no mirrors, no television sets.

Training gyms for Crossfit are called boxes because they believe that the space is just right for this training program. Crossfit is built around functional movements, and consist of strength and balance exercises all with the aim of improving daily activity. Crossfit pushes for overall strength rather than just strength that can be felt at the gym.

The Crossfit gym is where trainees can do their WODs. This stands for Workout of the Day which many boxes (but not all) emulate. Crossfit grew through word of mouth, and it is the WODs which is at the core of the training. Hence, all Crossfit gyms will have the equipment necessary for WODs, whether it’s bench-pressing or simply running 10km.

Crossfit promotes the value of hard work. One of its main principles is to address weaknesses in order to improve overall fitness. Working with weaknesses first helps people work harder, which coaches believe changes them for the better as well.

With Crossfit, intensity also matters. It is normal to do a number of push-ups, lunges and sit-ups only to find oneself more winded than after running a race. The gradual increase in intensity increases endurance. Some people also believe that because of the varied types of WODs, there is a lesser chance of the body experiencing a plateau or getting used to any one exercise. As a bonus, because of the combination of various exercises in various sports, Crossfitters might also find a sport or exercise that they may want to concentrate on and continuously improve on. This, along with regular sleep and a smart diet, helps promote an overall fitness regimen that they believe will help a person achieve a good level of health.

Interested in Crossfit? Singapore is home to several gyms that offer Crossfit for reasonable rates and schedules. Here are a few.

CrossFit Singapore

CrossFit SinGapore was established in 2009 1st May. The Box is owned and operated by Director & Head Coach, Coach Kevin. They are the first legitimate CrossFit Affiliate in Singapore and has since groomed more than 30 CrossFit Level 1 Trainers from the Box alone.

CrossFit Hub Singapore

Classes at this gym are scaled to the participants’ fitness level. They believe in fostering a fun, friendly anc conducive environment to help everyone reach their fitness goals. They are located at  3 Irving Road #01-03/04, Singapore 369522.