Different Types of Level Gauge and Functions

magnetic level gauge

Do you know the difference between your level gauges? For maritime companies, fundamental components such as the level gauge and sensors are necessary for the whole operation to run smoothly. The shipping industry is one of the most expensive industries in the world. It is highly important for maritime companies to avoid delays and accidents. This is why they pay close attention to dependable equipment.

There are six different types of level gauges, namely: flat type glass, tubular type glass, marine float type, magnetic float type, self-powered content, and dial type float. These gauges ensure the maritime vehicles run seamlessly. Here is our list of the different functionalities of each type of level gauge:

Flat Type Glass Gauge

The flat type glass gauges are tough to withstand different liquids. Most flat type glass indicators offer exceptional level signals often supplied through the glass viewing windows. It is ideal for water tanks, oil tanks, as well as boiler drums. We recommend purchasing Krohne flat type gauges.

Tubular Type Glass Gauge

Unlike flat type glass, tubular type glass is not ideal for oil tanks. It offers the easiest direct reading level apparatus. The tubular type glass is most often used for water. We recommend getting Hanla IMS tubular type level gauges.

Marine Float Type Gauge

A marine float type gauge offers high-level and low-level detection of liquids. The rugged construction of the marine float type gauge is suitable for the rough seas. We recommend Shand & Jurs for marine float type gauges.

Magnetic Float Type Gauge

Rather than obsolete analogue level gauges, magnetic level gauges are a more efficient way of indicating the levels of the different components on a ship. The magnetic level gauges provide better accuracy and confined indication. In the maritime industry, hanla level gauges are considered the most reliable.

Self-Powered Content Gauge

Self-powered content gauges are the one of the most reliable types of level gauging in the market. Its automatic mechanism makes for dependable indications. The self-powered content indicator is ideal for oil, gas, and liquids except corrosive substances.

Dial Type Float Gauge

Dial type float indicators are designed to take measurements for ground water tanks. These types of gauges are designed for substances that generate toxic or combustible gases and odours. We recommend Valmatic mechanical float type level indicators.

Level indicators are a valuable component on monitoring the ship as well as the cargo. With costly repairs, investing in the right monitoring equipment is necessary to avoid any mishaps. Procuring the right equipment will definitely pay-off in the future.


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