Easiest Ways To Make Accurate Esports Predictions

Southeast Asia consists of 11 countries and those countries currently hold over 640 million people. Would you believe that 9.5 million of those people are esports enthusiasts, united under one common interest? It’s true. Southeast Asia has the fastest-growing esports audience in the world. In fact, the growing number is set to double by the year 2019. In Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries that house high-tech establishments and big gaming hubs, the number of esports enthusiasts are higher. Because of this, the aforementioned countries indirectly warms up to esports betting. Many bettors from SEA today are starting to get serious with their esports predictions to win money out of their hobbies.

If you’re one of these bettors looking for the most effective ways on how to make accurate esports betting predictions, read on below to digest our definitive tips and tricks:

Find Your Esports Niche

Your esports niche means the best esports market or tournament you’re more knowledgeable about. Knowing and finding your niche will make you be a master of one. But if you think that you can handle multiple esports matches and tournaments every competitive season, then by all means, handle them simultaneously and be a jack of all trades. Regardless of your method, it’s important to study the mechanics of the game, the format of the tournament, and the players or teams competing.

If you need an assurance and you want to feel confident about your esports predictions, you can seek the help of the most popular tipster or forecaster you know. These group of experts will give you insights, opinions, and predictions regarding the matches and teams you want to bet on.

Research And Analyze

Research is an important activity. It could give you hard facts and data crucial in predicting a match or a tournament. The first thing you need to do is get to know the teams and players competing. You can execute a SWOT analysis by observing their previous matches. Check the factors affecting their strengths and weaknesses, including the maps, tournament formats, and meta.

Observe The Behavior of the Odds

Odds are the most important variables for betting because they determine your probability of winning the match and the probable payout you can get for every unit you stake. With that, you need to study and read the behavior of the odds to make accurate esports betting predictions. Try to predict when there’s an odds shift happening while the game is going on.