Folding Bicycle is Dope!

folding bicycle

Imagine this every morning: you wake up and decide you needed to go for a walk. Just before the sunrises or just before your alarm clock goes off or ticks, just so you can have a little time for exercise and have some breath of fresh air.

Then, you decided that walking isn’t going to be your thing now because you barely have half an hour left before you prepare for work or school. So, you decided you needed some wheels: your bicycle.

You go to your garage, or your room, because of maximizing space you decided you need a folding bicycle, you just wanted to go to a bike shop to get your hands on one of them, and you did. And here is that unit you got from a folding bicycle shop in Singapore, in front if you.

You took it out of the box or wherever you got it. Then, went out of your house for that early morning ride.

When you do, you finally are able to see the city as it awakes: the sky is not so dark anymore and the lights from houses and buildings are being turned on one by one, and there are still not much people in the streets. You get to stroll and be thankful Singapore has tons of bicycle shops and you were able to purchase a good conditioned and very affordable bike for yourself. If not, you wouldn’t get to appreciate the view every morning before you get busy at work.

If there is one thing you get to say while you’re having your little exercising pedalling your unit, maybe that would be the word “dope.” The city is beautiful at dawn and not everybody gets to stroll a little farther unlike you!

After appreciating such view, you may now want to look at how this is able to relieve stress from you, right?

Going back to your purchase of that very bike you’re riding, you should know that you have got it at a very good deal. Why not? The bike shop is really near your place, they offer warranties and assistance, it is easy to go to them for maintenance and/or parts replacement, and most importantly, you were given a real good bike that suits you well at a very affordable price.

Now, you’re smiling. You are convinced that your purchase was a good one, right? Not just it gives you another means to exercise or commute to work, it also provides you a different kind of unwinding.

Now, that you are pretty convinced with your purchase, you might want also to acknowledge the benefits it gives you when it comes to your health.

Biking is a good form of cardio exercise. And you know what cardio exercises do, right? They train your bones and muscles to be tougher, most especially it helps your heart to be stronger. When it is strong, you are assured that you can stand the day doing your daily task. Thinking about all these, would you still ask if a folding bike is dope? Of course, it is!