Guides to Hiring the Best Household Help For You

To find a reliable, trusted, and skilled domestic helper in Singapore that will ease out our burdens as homemakers is no easy task. That is the very reason why you need to hire a maid agency to assist you in finding the right house help that you need—especially if you also have a day job that takes most of your time on week days.

But just before you finally decide to hire that much-needed help, please care to read below to guide you on your very significant decision.


  • Carefully read the bio-data of the candidate. Does she/he have enough experience of handling such responsibility? How many families did she/he serve in the span of 5 years? What are her/his reasons for leaving? What are the candidate’s best traits that will guarantee that the person will stay as long as the contract states? These are just some of the relevant questions that you need to ask during the interview.
  • Ask for recommendations from her/his previous employers. What do they say about her work and skills? While this may not be the sole basis for you to consider the person for the domestic helper position, reading from recommendations will give you an idea of which house duties you can ask the person to do. Do not forget to ask too about the person’s perceived weaknesses so you can work on them in case you decide to hire the candidate. For instance, can she/he use a complex washing machine without your help?
  • How well does she know your area? Having a household help may sometimes mean that you have to ask the person to do some grocery shopping for you. The maid’s familiarity to the place can be a plus factor especially when you have more errands that would require the maid to go from one place to another.
  • Is the candidate a people person? No one wants a helper who acts more grumpy and cranky than the boss themselves. We want helpers who understand the demand of the job, and will not constantly have an aversion towards the duties that she/he is supposed to do for the family.
  • Ask how many years is the person planning to stay with you? There are a lot of instances that maids would easily give up with the household job when they do not have a genuine for passion for what they do. During the screening process, always try to find out if the candidate is pretty aware of the real demand of the job she/he is getting into so you will not have a problem later on.
  • Does she have a medical history that may affect her performance at work? For instance, people with conditions and allergies like eczema are not advised to use detergents on a regular basis because this can aggravate their condition. Find out more about the person’s health so are ensured that you are hiring a person who is truly fit for the job.


The concerns above may be a handful, but bear in mind that they can guide you in hiring the appropriate household help for your own family. We hope the article was enlightened you.