Home Improvement in Singapore

Looking forward to having your space redesigned? Look no further as we have some tips in store for you to help you have a fresher new look for your home.

Sometimes, we often not consider the elements that each house has and that the elements grow over time making the room a lot messier and bulkier to look at but really some families got used to it that they do not see it. And if those families get to see a new place or a hotel room and feel more comfortable with it that is the time that they wish to have a bigger abode, which is definitely expensive by the way.

The easiest and most cost cutting way to bring new life to your home and almost making it a new home is by redesigning or redecorating it. It is like a make-over for your home. Some shows like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Extreme Makeover have helped change their chosen people’s homes and eventually their lives too.

So, are you ready to bring new life to your home? Let me remind you though that some of the tips are quite drastic to some people like hoarders and emotionally-attached people, but the end-product will always be the most ideal of it all.

1. De-clutter

The first step is to remove the dirt and all things you do not intend to use. Get three boxes, one is to be used by you, the second is things that are usable but you don’t want and can be sold off and the third is you want to give these things off instead. The trash box is separated mainly because ti is trash and very unusable.

2. Segregate

Arrange the contents of Box#1 (the things you need and use) and section them back into places that they should be in. Like books to the study room. Do not put them back yet; just place it back in the box inside the arranged room for it.

3. Clean / Remove

This is now the time where you clean the tops wherein the things were once placed in, you can use a really great bleach or good environmentally responsible cleaner. If some tables or chairs are unsaveable, the best way is to remove them to pave way to a more space-y area.

 4. Install

If you plan to paint the room or simply dab in new wallpaper, this is the time for it. Install the new elements, like drop lights or some thematic lights. Do not overcrowd it, the main motive here is to make it exquisite and luxurious, think hotel room for example. You could also install useful cord catchers for this step, so as to not have messy cord problems.

5. Put the things in the right places

Now that the makeover is done with, place the things back into the right places. If you have too many books, an ideal solution is for you to have it in a shelf. Some users though prefer a big plastic container so that no dust can come in their belongings, but make sure that the plastic containers are stackable to release some space.