Home Necessities

It can be quite a struggle if you can not find something in your home. Either you misplaced it, or you do not really have one, it can really be a pain if you are to do a task but you are missing a tool. That is why it is important to have a set of tools and other necessities inside of your home for convenience. Whether it is your first apartment or your own home, these are the things that you must have and where to get them:


Tool kit – Hammers, pliers, screw drivers, wrench, nails and screws. You do not really need to have a complete set of hardware tools, just the basic ones will do. This can save you up a lot specially for tasks you can do or things you can easily fix with the help of these tools, such as fixing a door hinge, installing a new lock, or just undoing a screw to open up something, instead of paying someone else to do it for you. Can be bought from any kind of hardware stores.


Flashlight and emergency lights – Blackouts or power outages due to weather or electricity line problem can not only be terrifying for people afraid in the dark, but can also be quite an inconvenience specially for people trying to get work done. A flashlight and other kinds of emergency lights can be a huge help when moving in the dark. Available in most hardware and any department stores. 


Water dispenser and purifier – It is not safe to drink water directly from the tap, that is why people tend to use water purifier and dispensers to keep their water free of any contamination while kept cool or warm. This is a must specially for those who have quite a sensitive stomach. Most department stores here in Singapore offer a wide range of selections of water dispensers and purifiers.


Solar films – A solar film is something that is attached to a glass, normally a window, to prevent the sun’s heat going through it. It is for people who can not stand hot weathers as it tends to block Ultra violet radiation, infrared heat, and other sources of heat from the sun. Only few stores here in Singapore sell solar films.


First aid kit – Nothing comes first aside from our health. That is why it is important to have a first aid kit and should be put in an easy to reach place while also out of children’s reach. It usually contains plasters, sterile gauze dressings, bandages, safety pins, alcohols, cleansing wipes, tweezers, disposable sterile gloves and also painkillers. Some first aid kits can be bought in a packaged, but you can also buy the items separately.


Sewing kit – This should contain necessary items to quickly fix a tear in a cloth, such as sewing needles which come with different sizes, assorted threads with various colors, and scissors. Sewing kits can also be purchased from department stores.


These necessities are something that you do not really use everyday, but having them can be very convenient specially in times of need.