How Orthopaedic Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

Do you recognize the importance of having a comfortable sleep? Are you familiar with the effects and advantages of having orthopaedic mattress at home? Are you aware that it will make you healthier?

According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 92 percent of the survey respondents agree that comfortable mattress is very important in order to have a good night sleep. However, not everyone can afford it. Some even blame their budget. Will the reason be the same if these people know that those good quality mattresses in Singapore can help a person lose weight, live longer, and improve memory? Is there a price for all these advantages?

This article presents some of the surprising benefits and effects of sleeping in an ideal mattress.

  1. A good mattress in your room might help lessen those stress issues you have at home or at work. In relation to the mentioned research above, people are asked to evaluate their levels of stress based on the following factors: headaches, racing thoughts, worries, irritability, nervousness and more. The evaluation shows that people who were given a new bed for further study were found to have significant decrease in stress. For experts, the decrease is possibly because of the decrease in pain related with the firmer setup and the increase in quality of sleep.
  2. Using your mattress as extension area of your work will not help you sleep. Experts advise that one’s bed should only be used for sleeping and having sex. Other than these, your brain will get used to work related functions like answering emails or researching which will increase your difficulty of falling asleep. Keep your gadgets away from your bed. The blue light from your electronic stuff emit something that is known to be disruptive to the natural bedtime mechanism of the brain which keep you up much longer.
  3. Orthopaedic mattress in Singapore is made of high quality materials that are good and safe for your body. A lot of customers complain that they got their allergies at home and from their mattresses. Allergy is just of the disadvantages of buying low quality product and not paying attention on the importance of having a good quality mattress for your bed.

In addition to these, always wash your pillowcases and sheets with hot water to get rid of the dust mites from your linens. You can also use a vacuum to clean the mattress if the cause of the allergy is dust mites. Look for allergy-proof label when buying a slipcover for further protection.

  1. Don’t opt for subjective label like “medium-firm.” All goes down to comfort. There is no particular definition of what makes a mattress firm or soft. It feels different for every person such as for fat and thin ones. One person may describe it as soft while for the other it is firm. Again, it’s all about what feels comfortable for you. To figure this out, spending around 20 minutes trying the mattress is recommended.