How Tipping and Tipster Competition Promos Work

The esports industry in Singapore is completely thriving, thanks to the emerging esports organizations promoting the importance of competitive gaming in the area. In line with this, esports betting is also on the move to take over sports betting and other forms of gambling in terms of revenue and popularity. This booming industry led bettors to rely on tipsters, and tipsters to rely on tipster competition promos.

How Reliable Are These Tipsters?

A tipster is somehow different from analysts and forecasters. Tipsters give tips, predictions, and other betting information about the outcome of esports matches on a regular basis. Many of them do this daily to build their profile and earn more money. The information these tipsters give are unique and hard to come by, but they are given on a daily basis, so they are sought after by bettors regularly.

Tipsters can work individually or in a group, that’s why many tipping sites exist. However, some of these sites are also being run by betting sites. The more accurate a tipster’s prediction is, the more followers he will earn. But since their job is to predict, they are really reliable. Tipsters are good at analyzing data as they sometimes have an inside knowledge about the event, team, or match. Tipsters can help bettors analyze data, draw mathematically accurate odds, and come up with nearly accurate betting predictions.

What Is The Biggest Role Of Tipsters Today?

Despite the existence of advanced and knowledgeable bettors, tipsters still play a big role. Casual or new bettors find it almost impossible to pass through all of the statistical data necessary to come up with betting odds and accurate betting predictions to place esports match bets. Tipsters are better at conducting SWOT analysis  and other observations than regular bettors. Therefore, they leave this job to passionate tipsters who can turn tips into profit.

How Do Tipsters Earn Money?

Tipster online competition promos are conducted by betting sites to attract more tipsters and bettors. This is one of the most important sources of income for tipsters. Aside from the tips they make daily, they participate in competitions to win more money. There are tipping sites that conduct tipster competition promos that could help tipsters earn money by just sharing your insights, predictions, and opinions. These competitions offer free bets, free skins, and massive prize pools. Most tipster online competition promos look for tips made for League of Legends, CSGO, Overwatch, and DotA 2.