How To Authenticate a Luxury Watch?

Luxury watch collection can be a very expensive hobby, which is why you have to make sure that you take care of each and every piece of your watches to get the most out of it.

Some of the best watches can cost as much as $1 million. This could prompt any watch collectors to look for deals that will help them save a little while appeasing their satisfaction of owning designer watches.

However, even the most avid and meticulous watch collectors still have the tendency to fall victim to counterfeit purchases due to surprisingly good materials used in manufacturing the watch.

In an interview with Business Insider, generalist appraiser Timothy Gordon revealed that it is getting harder to determine a fake luxury watch in the market nowadays. “The prices of counterfeit watches seem to be getting more expensive all the time,” Gordon stated. “As with anything fine, if there’s money involved, the counterfeiters are certainly on the trail.” 

To avoid wasting your money on counterfeit watches, you must always do your research first before making any decision to purchase a luxury watch. “When you’re looking at potential counterfeit watches, you have to inform yourself as to what a real one is like,” Gordon shared. “You need to know what it feels like, looks like, how much it weighs, and what it sounds like.”

Today, looking for information regarding to top watch brands can be done with just a click of the finger, since most information can be found online. But it would also help if you get the first hand feel of the item by visiting the leading auction houses to see and touch genuine watches.

“When you look at the records of Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Heritage Auctions, or Bonhams, those people have been in the business for decades and decades,” Gordon also mentioned. “Go into their auction result databases because you’re going to find past watch models that you can familiarize yourself with alongside photos and pricing. That will give you an accurate idea of what to expect from the real thing.”

Also, it could be a good idea to scrutinize some of the major aspects of luxury watches. One of which is the material, finishing, and colour that were used in making the watch.  

Also, it will be best to check the weight of the watch since those made with fake materials tend to be lighter compared to the original.

Costumers should also check the watch’s type face and engravings, since those made by authentic luxury watch makers tend to be sharper and bolder compared to the counterfeit. There were also some differences in the shape and size of the type faces between the real and fake items. More often than not, counterfeits will feature glaring spelling errors.

In addition, watch enthusiasts can tell if the item is fake just by listening to the sound of the watch’s mechanism since fine watches are more silent compared to the cheaper counterfeit.

For further checking, you can opt to bring the watch to a certified watchmaker who have the authority to declare whether a luxury watch is genuine or not. Good thing there are a lot of watch repair shop in Singapore that you can easily go to for watch authentication.

Just make sure that each specialty shop has their own watch tools in Singapore to ensure that they have the capacity to authenticate the item for your peace of mind.