How to Choose the Right Time and Attendance Software

Selecting the right time attendance software is a crucial part of implementing an attendance system for your business. It’s important to take some time and include all important stakeholders when making this decision. When you’re reviewing system software, be sure to consider the following:

Total Cost

Your total cost may include such things as installation and training, and some types of attendance software comes with a monthly service fee. If a company’s prices are too high, it will take much longer to realize a financial benefit from your new system.

Ease of Use

Your attendance software should be easy for employees to operate. Employees should be able to access applications from a central menu with just a few simple keystrokes. It’s also very important that employees like using the system, see that it benefits the company, and trust that it records work time correctly.

For payroll employees, it should be simple to identify exceptions, edit, and find information. The software should allow the use of descriptive codes for paid breaks, deliveries, and so on.

It’s also important that your new software integrate easily into your existing timekeeping process. Payroll employees shouldn’t have to waste time adapting current systems to fit into the new software.


Your pay and staffing policies are unique to your business. New attendance software should be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of pay rates, differentials and overtime, and employee types. For example, the system should allow an individual employee to work multiple jobs at different pay rates.

Is it possible to import and export information between timekeeping software and other business databases? Your software should have the flexibility to provide useful information to other departments in your business. It should be capable of creating creating custom reports, and should be easy to configure for custom jobs.

Vendor Reliability

The vendor that stands behind your new attendance software must demonstrate some level of experience and expertise. Are there referrals or recommendations from industry colleagues, or business competitors? Take extra note if the software has won awards for superior performance or innovation.

Your sales representative should ask questions about your business procedures and develop a clear understanding of your needs. Technical support should be readily available when you need it.

There are a wide variety of time and attendance systems available to businesses, from traditional punch cards to cutting-edge biometrics and bar codes. Whichever system is right for your business, support it properly with the right time and attendance software.