How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit

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If you are regularly using your air conditioning unit at home, it is imperative that you know a thing or two about how to properly maintain your AC. After all, the family depends the cool air it gives especially when we spend long hours inside the house. Maintaining it well also means that we won’t need to shell out money to buy another one in the near future. Taking care of our home appliances translate to more savings and less energy consumption in the long run, and this is a fact that every wise homeowner should be mindful of.

Clueless on how to take good care of your AC unit? Here are some tips to keep your AC working for a long period of time. Learn a thing or two from these practical guides:

  • If you just purchased the AC and have no idea on how to mount it, it is best to just seek the help of a professional and find the best aircon installer in Singapore instead of pressuring yourself to do something that you have no idea about. The store where you purchased the AC will surely have some people to help you with this dilemma so that shouldn’t be much of a problem.
  • Make it a habit to replace the aircon filter or simply clean it. When filters get clogged and dirty, the air isn’t likely to flow smoothly and the unit may be adversely affected. Depending of the kind of filter you have, you can either wash it (if it is reusable) or replace it (if you have the disposable one).
  • Thermostat examination must also be done regularly. Check if it is still at your desired temperature. If you are still using the traditional one, maybe it’s high time to switch to the better model which is now programmable, just so you can control the temperature easily, whether you are indoor or somewhere outside of your house.
  • Make certain that the AC unit has enough space to breathe. We want the AC to be in its best condition all the time. But if you crowd it with some plants or other stuff near it, we will not get sufficient airflow that it needs to operate well. Make sure the unit is away from any clutter too so it won’t breathe in unwanted materials. Treat your AC unit like your nose that is sensitive to everything it inhales.
  • Similarly, all grilles and vents must be inspected regularly too. Keeping the interior grilles and vents will surely give the unit the maximum airflow. If you fail to do this, members of the family living at home, particular those who have respiratory problems, may be affected by this neglect.
  • For more complex and complicated aircon maintenance cases in Singapore that you can’t find in the manual, it is best to seek help from an actual, reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore just to make sure your AC will get the right treatment it needs.