How to Plan a Mother-Daughter Luxury Vacation

Family vacations are fun, but have you considered the option of splitting members of the family up for more intimate vacations? Many mothers and daughters are now taking this type of vacation, just as fathers and sons may enjoy going fishing or camping out for a weekend just to bond. Women and girls typically enjoy the luxury of a nice villa in Bali or an upscale resort and spa to the campground. This is why many mothers are now deciding to rent villa in Bali just to bond with their daughters.

If you have a daughter, there are a few things you can do to explore this option to enrich your own mother-daughter relationship.

Consider Your Budget

As with any vacation, you first have to decide your budget for the overall experience. Ideally, you will have two numbers: your ideal number that you would like to stay below and the absolute highest number that you cannot afford to surpass.

Since you are going to leave part of your family at home, make sure to factor in required finances to keep those at home comfortable as well. You don’t want to spend every dime you have on vacation and leave those back home uncomfortable. This has to be a realistic budget that takes the full picture of your family into question.

Determine What You Would Like to Do

Get with your daughter and spend time discussing things you would like to do on vacation. You may have a daughter who wants to explore the ocean through snorkeling adventures while in Bali, or they may be more into water sports that are practiced in Bali and on other beaches around the world. Perhaps your daughter just wants to be pampered at a spa and get her first massage.

Listen to your daughter and give your own input about what you would like to do on vacation. Once you know what type of activities you want to do, you can determine whether it is best to rent villa in Bali or go elsewhere for those activities.

The Cost of Adventure and Luxury

The point of a mother daughter vacation is to enjoy real luxury and adventure together. In order to have that experience that you are both going to remember forever, you have to take full advantage of your budget. If you can afford a nicer accommodation, you can spend less on activities without sacrificing the quality of your trip.

For example, when you rent a villa in Bali you or otherwise take advantage of Bali luxury accommodation options, you will have access to more luxurious spaces to explore with your daughter. The pool will be private or semi-private, so you can spend time bonding there without spending a dime. You should also be much closer to the beach so you can simply spend time together without spending money.

The accommodation is the biggest purchase for your vacation. Put more of your budget into this, and you will have no need to blow the rest of your budget trying to get out of uncomfortable environment of a small hotel room. A mother daughter vacation is about enjoying and bonding, not spending money.