Important Features to Look For When Buying an Air Con

Air conditioning has become too embedded in our lives. Nowadays, every house has an air conditioning unit which is used to escape the scorching and uncomfortable heat. From work to industries to educational institutions, home and markets, people are heavily reliant on air con systems and machines to battle heat.

Air con systems also have not escaped the rapid technological advances and development. Up to now, the machine is going through constant evolution. Scientist and engineers are developing a lot of ways to improve the units.

So before you start shedding your money on air con units, make sure that you fully understand how they work or what exciting features they can provide. What are the most important features you need to scout for when buying an air con? Read below to know.

System for energy efficiency
Nowadays, air con units have higher energy efficiency rating. Each air con is analyzed in terms of how efficient the energy usage to condition the air. These are gauged using the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER. When buying an air con, the SEER is one of the most essential factors that you need to consider. The higher the SEER number, the more you will need to invest initially in your central air system. You will save money over the life of the unit, however, with lower energy costs. Try to look for units with higher SEER number.

Highly-advanced Thermostat
This sensitive control has been present with the air con ever since. But with the surge of various developments in technology, the thermostat are now developed into a more sophisticated feature. In more advanced models, thermostats can now be adjusted and programmed to whatever temperature is right for your. Furthermore, they now have small digital display for easier access. Other units can tell you the ambient temperature versus the controlled temperature for better analysis of temperature levels.

Environmental design
One important feature of air con models nowadays are its inclination to eco-friendly models. Most units of today consider the environmental impacts of their engineering. Specifically, the general goal of the eco-design is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce energy usage and demands. This allows you to save and at the same time to help mother earth.

Variable fan speeds
This feature lets you control accurately the motion of your fans. Most modern units today have advanced fan systems which will allow you to fill a room with cool air quickly or at a more leisurely pace. At the same time, these variable fan speeds are accurate and are easy to use.

Cold Plasma Ionizer
Cold plasma technology is one of the most advanced air-cleaning technology in the world. For most units, it is being used by releasing ions in the air which disinfects and eliminates awful odors in the room. With this technology, you do not only get a temperature controlled environment, you also get a healthy, safe and relaxing ambiance.