Interesting Facts/Stats for Mobile Technology in Asia

                With today’s advanced age, almost every update about people’s lives can be seen online, having a mobile device is a must. Most of the world’s population are now acquainted with a cellular phone – if not totally tech savvy. The possibilities of today’s mobile technology are endless. Things you wouldn’t have dreamt of doing before are an everyday occurrence now right in your fingertips. For instance, you can become a celebrity by just uploading a quirky original video online. Virality on a scale we have never before seen in the 20th century. Chatting with people across the globe in real time is possible; you just need your Internet broadband connection. This fascinating technology has come a long way – from a two-way pager to your top of the line smartphone that is capable of doing a million things and one.

                One can say that smartphones are changing the world. In a recent survey, Singapore and South Korea has the highest smartphone adoption rates in the world. While in the Western region, people still like using their trusty computers, users in the Asian region tend to favour their smartphones.  It was not long ago when only a privileged few could afford to have mobile devices, but thanks to its popularity and demand, almost anybody now has access to a mobile device. In the Asian region, this can be greatly attributed to the booming Android market that makes smartphones relatively cheaper than computers.

                Staying online is not a problem in Asia. According to recent surveys, the fastest Internet broadband connection in Asia is a whopping 122.43 mbps from Singapore. Thanks to the top-of-the-line Singapore broadband connection, keeping one’s social media account up to date is easy. Keeping track of your favourite star and updating your Tweets can be done almost anywhere, on a subway going to work or in the park on a weekend. Another heavyweight in fast Internet broadband connections is South Korea. South Koreans have very active Internet citizens – netizens – who are great contributors to globalizing the Hallyu wave and KPop sensations.

                One might think that these fast Internet broadband connection speeds cost a fortune, but getting connected is actually cheap. Singapore’s average Internet broadband connection will only cost you SGD $19-50 for mobile broadband and SGD $50-70 for home broadband. Due to the different needs of the Internet users, a variety of broadband promotions are now available. There are different packages to choose from – all designed while keeping different end-users’ needs in mind.