League of Legends Betting: Top 2 Tournaments

Singapore has been a special place in Southeast Asia for League of Legends tournaments. Recently, the country has opened up a dedicated esports facility for pro gamers and has allowed the Female Esports League Elite League of Legends tournament to take place last February. With that, there’s no denying that even the industry of betting is slowly thriving, allowing gamers to make money out of their League of Legends predictions.


With this, it is important that you know the upcoming tournaments coming your way to prepare your money and betting predictions. This, of course, does not automatically mean that you have to bet on all the tournaments available for League of Legends. But you should know the schedule of the games, the matches with the most competitive odds, and the teams and players competing. You can avoid rookie mistakes by doing this. So if you want to get a taste of the excitement, read on below to know the upcoming tournaments you can bet on:


Apex Legends

The Twitch Rivals is hosting the Apex Legends once again. It will feature European and North American teams in one showdown, particularly the Demacia and Noxus players. The tournament format is said to be different than the one used in the inaugural season of the competition. The participating teams will be rotated every single match. Each team consist of players from a pool of different Twitch content creators. The top teams or players from the given bracket will advanced to the finals, and will be categorized under Noxus and Demacia. If you have a favored team or player from the side of the content creators, it’s high time for you to make League of Legends betting predictions for them.


Mid-Season Invitational 2019

The 2019 edition of the Mid-season Invitational will feature teams from different countries.This tournament is one of the biggest betting markets you can participate in and make League of Legends predictions for as it leads to the League of Legends World Championship.


Refer to the list below to see the invited teams and their regions:

Brazil – CBLOL Summer Playoffs winner

China – LPL Spring Playoffs winner

Commonwealth of Independent States – LCL Spring Playoffs winner

Europe – LEC Spring Playoffs winner

Japan – LJL Spring Playoffs winner

Korea – LCK Spring Playoffs winner

Latin America – LLA Opening Playoffs winner

North America – LCS Spring Playoffs winner

Oceania – OPL Split 1 Playoffs winner

Southeast Asia – LST Spring winner

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao – LMS Spring Playoffs winner

Turkey – TCL Winter Playoffs winner

Vietnam – VCS Spring Playoffs winner