Maintenance Services for Construction Equipment and Vehicles

Construction here in Singapore is an industry that is worth billions of dollars. That is why it is not a surprise that a single construction project of a twenty-story building can cost as much as tens of millions. A huge chunk of the budget is allocated to the materials needed for the building. Then a good percentage of the budget would be spent on the equipment and tools necessary to get the job done. Then a smaller portion of that will go to the construction company as a payment for the job or service. In order to cut costs, clients usually make a bargain for the service of the construction company. That puts the construction company in a disadvantage specially in small projects. Of course, they need to find a way to minimize their expenses so they can make the most of their profit from their client’s payment.


The best way to achieve that is to properly take care of the construction tools and equipment. It may seem simple, but it is very economic since construction equipment specially construction vehicles such as cranes and road rollers usually cost thousands of dollars. Let us say that a crane broke down due to a neglected minor problem. Even though they would be able to find a crane refurbishment service here in Singapore, it would still cost them thousands of dollars to repair the damage which could have been prevented if they have serviced the crane for maintenance. This goes the same for other construction vehicles and equipment.


Most construction tools and equipment are exposed to extreme pressure and weight from the nature of their use. That is why wear and tear is usually a problem. It would be a good practice to regularly check tools, equipment and vehicles for any kind of minor problems, in order to prevent them from becoming worse. Most construction vehicles last a couple of years, but it can last longer as long as proper maintenance is done. Which can potentially save the construction company a lot of money. These companies earn project by project. More project results to more income and profit. However, it also means that they will be using their equipment more frequently which can shorter its life span.


Going to shops that offer repair and maintenance for construction vehicles can be beneficial for the construction company. Not only that it gets their vehicle tuned up and ready for use, but also gives them more security since regularly maintained equipment or tools are less likely to malfunction which is something that can cause accidents. So in essence, proper maintenance for construction equipment is not only good for saving funds, but also to promote the safety of the workers that use them specially that construction accidents are usually grave.


But if there are times that an equipment or vehicle is beyond repair, replacing them with better quality equipment will be a good investment. It is important not compromise specially when it comes to buying construction vehicles since frequent repairs of a cheap one can cost more than buying an expensive one.