Making Successful League of Legends Betting Predictions

Since the Singapore now views esports as an actual activity, it is important for people in the country and other parts of Southeast Asia to be updated with the latest happenings within the industry and the community. Esports betting, particularly League of Legends betting, is slowly becoming more popular as the days go by. If you want to participate in this market but don’t know how to start, read on below.

Start With A Set Of Goals

Start your journey with a new set of goals, but make sure that they’re realistic. Practicality is the key if you want to prolong your bankroll. We know that it’s not easy to guess which team will win a League of Legends match betting, so don’t make your goals and objectives impossible to obtain. Statistics actually shows that only a small percentage of esports bettors are profitable in the long run because of their over the top objectives. If you have a clear set of objectives following the SMART criteria, then you’re good to go.

Rely on Tipsters From Time To Time

As a beginner, we highly recommend you to seek help from tipsters when necessary. Tipsters are persons, group of persons, or website that provide insights and advice for esports, sports betting, or any other market where results need to be predicted in order to win money. They all have insights to give when it comes to upcoming esports matches, mostly revolving around the possibility of your favored team winning or losing the game. Specifically and to say it simply, Tipsters are professional esports enthusiasts, so your bet is safe with them. Tipsters can ultimately give you the most accurate League of Legends betting predictions before the matches begin.

Fix Your Market Selection Process

Being selective will help you prolong your Bitcoin Wallet bankroll. Always be selective when betting. The League of Legends competitive season runs more than half a year, and there are multiple games these teams play every match. You should never bet on each and every match coming your way. Optimize your selection process and choose your battles wisely. Only bet on the markets you’re knowledgeable about, but make sure to study and get ready for big events like the Mid-Season Invitational and League of Legends World Championship.

Follow the Betting Odds

League of Legends match betting predictions are calculated using data and statistics. Studying odds conversion can be your edge among other bettors, especially if the market covers decimal odds and fractional odds. Research, read, and analyze the information at hand. A bettor who knows how to read the odds is a wise bettor.