Making Your Office Layout More Customer Friendly

Commercial Interior Design

There is an old adage in advertising: a product does not sell itself, companies do. Or more to the point, a product is only as good as the company selling it.  Which generally means ‘selling’ a company image is half the challenge when marketing a product or service.

In traditional marketing, a company’s general image is part of corporate branding, the image that a company projects to the public in order to gain credibility, likeability, and eventually, patronage and loyalty. There was a time when corporate branding were simple matters of public relations that can be achieved through creative logos, consistent official colors, thoughtful product packaging, unique or catchy taglines. Today, it has come to include every means by which a company interacts with the public because after all, every engagement with a public is an image building affair.

Under this new paradigm then, the character of the company’s office becomes the most fundamental element of public image. Is your office layout welcoming or accommodating? Is it clean and professional-looking? Is it unique in terms of aesthetics and functionality? Are there special utilities for clients? Is the lighting and color scheme inviting or repulsing?

The importance of these questions are acknowledged by offices and companies in Singapore that now invest significant resources to establish and maintain a distinct public persona through office layout and aesthetics. These Singapore companies are now hiring commercial interior design consultants and service agencies to assure that an office’s physical character is consistent with the kind public image and personality the company wants to build or maintain.

Of course, office interior designing in this regard is a whole more complicated undertaking especially since the best kind of company image and office character must likewise consider the employees conditions and needs and balance it with the company’s vision and the public’s opinion. In trying to meet this demand, commercial interior design firms in Singapore provide comprehensive interior design services including architectural layouts, industrial, graphic and lighting services, fabrication or prototyping, and even structural renovation construction services or carpentry work.

The basic aim of course is to communicate a desirable public persona while maintaining a conducive work environment. Most commercial interiors design companies try to achieve these by focusing on space utilization. Maintaining large space for instance helps provide a feeling of freedom and signal a general welcoming spirit. Commercial interior firms in Singapore also advise the creations of customer nooks to optimize unutilized spaces in the corners of offices.  Most interior office designs nowadays opt for overhead cabinets that provide essential storage spaces while allowing more leg rooms or floor spaces. For mobility and flexibility, interior designers also advice the use of multi-functional furniture like modular workstations or foldable tables will also reduce equipment in the office and allows easily changeable layouts over fixed, permanent fixtures for future renovation jobs. Various commercial interior design companies in Singapore have fabrication and custom furniture technologies and capabilities for the best custom-made services.

Commercial interior design companies also emphasize color and lighting and suggest monochrome or singular color motif creates a sense of cohesiveness and dark colors also often appear more neat and professional. As for lighting, the general rule is to have an office well-lighted to create an aura of energy and work.