Modern Western Foods You Must Try!

European cuisine or alternatively known as western food and a collective cuisine of Latin, North and South America and Oceania has a substantial influence in Asian cuisine. Spices and other condiments brought by the west are excessively used in the Southeast Asia. Western foods are diverse and exhibits rare and exotic flavors and seasonings and other accompaniments such as grape wine and other condiments.

In western cuisine, meat is very prominent, it is the centerpiece of any meal. Their common source of starch are wheat-flour bread along with pasta, dumplings potato and pastries. The sweets and other beverages are served at the end of the meal. This is very distinct from Asian cuisine, the main source of starch and is essential to every meal is rice or noodles. Moreover, European foods primarily uses wheat, barley and rye as grain staples and uses also flavors that are similar to one another such as cream eggs, chocolate and vanilla. To give you an idea of the foods you must try, check out these modern western foods:

1. Spanish Tapas
spanish tapasSpanish tapas are appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine. It can be served hot or cold at your own disposition. The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar which means “to cover”. There are several varieties of tapas such as mixed olive, cheese, leek and potato tortilla or battered, fried baby squids. This is a must try because of the savory taste that will make your heart melt for more.

2. Swiss Rosti
Swiss rostiSwiss rosti is a popular Swiss dish commonly served during breakfast. It is considered as a national dish consisting mainly of potatoes. Potato which is coarsely grated, pressed and fried in hash brown Swiss rosti is definitely rich in flavor and crunchy that will make your day a delightful one. Modern Swiss rosti has variations of good potatoes, bacon, rosemary, caraway seeds, cheese and eggs.

3. Welsh Rarebit
singapore western foodWelsh rarebit or also known as welsh rabbit is a dish served with melted cheese and various ingredients like ale, mustard, ground cayenne pepper or ground paprika and Worcestershire sauce. The hot cheese sauce can be served in a chafing dish like a fondue accompanied by slice or toasted bread. Welsh rarebit is typically made with Cheddar cheese and the sauce can be made by blending the cheese and mustard.

4. Polish Pierogi
western food in singaporePierogi is a Polish dumpling that offers a lot of variants when it comes to fillings. It is made of a thinly rolled dough with various number of fillings that you can think of. It is usually baked or fried in butter and onions. Commonly, the traditional filling are forcemeat, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, stuffed with potato and mushrooms. Vegetarian variant includes mushrooms and a cabbage. Modern pierogi nowadays comprises of sweets and seasonal fruits used as filling such as bilberries and strawberries. Moreover, pierogi filled with a sweetened Polish curd cheese is a very popular recipe.

5. Turkish Baklava
western food singaporeIs a sweet pastry particularly a dessert made with phyllo dough, nuts and other sweetening such as syrup or honey. This is a very authentic western food that originated in Turkey. Layers of chopped nuts typically walnuts and other modern variations includes pistachios and hazelnuts are placed on top. Most recipes have multiple layers of phyllo and is served with a syrup such as honey, rosewater or orange flower water. Baklava is usually served at a room temperature and garnished with ground nuts.