Natural and Technological Skin Care Treatments

Beauty is everybody’s weakness. By that I mean the considerable lengths that people normally go through in order to achieve desirable physical features.

It all begins with popular culture. Through movies and media, generations and cultures develop their notion of beauty or desirability. What is the right skin tone, texture, hair, bone structure, jawline, body shape, muscle contours and the likes. And then there is science. That continuously provides ‘conclusive’ data that beauty can best be achieved through this medicine or through this diet. This further feeds growing public consciousness for well-being and beauty facilitated by increasing availability of health data.

And then there is technology. Evolving skin care treatments and equipment that seem to increase with sophistication every so often. In Singapore, pigmentation removal, and thermage skin tightening treatments are among the more popular ones.  Most of these of course are skin care procedures.

Skin Care and Quick Remedies

The skin is perhaps the most visible outer physical feature of any individual. The fact that it covers the entirety of the body makes it so. I myself is not very beauty conscious but I do tend to take care of my skin perhaps more than any other part of the body. Specifically, I have always had problems with dry skin which especially has only gotten more complicated as I aged. Strangely, I also encountered skin problems when I lost weight.

My doctor explained that when we lose weight, our body changes in size and form and the skin needs to adjust. In many cases, of weight lose specifically significant changes in the body size and forms, the skin is not able to adjust easily thus we get stretch marks and the likes.  In many cases too, Sinagpore laser treatment for pigmentation have become almost a quick, painless and option for such problems. Singapore pigmentation treatment procedures involve balancing the natural colors of the skin and therefore reduces visible dark portions including stretch marks that may appear darker incisions in the skin.

The Skin and More Natural Treatment Methods

Why the popularity of these methods? Well, because the natural remedies can take time and substantial effort and discipline. Technically, the skin is an elastic living tissue that covers the body and is made up of cells that stretches as we move and grow. Although cells on the outer part of our skin are constantly lost and replaced with new cells, cells underneath are more permanent. These lower layers of the skin are made up of connective tissues, fibers, blood vessels and all sorts of components that can stretch or contract depending on how you treat them. As such, the need for skin tightening usually occurs after weight loss when due to radical change in bodily form, the skin cannot adapt to the new body size.  The case is even or problematic among people old age, poor nutrition and hydration, excessive sun exposure or smoke smoking since contribute to decreased elasticity of the skin and therefore creates more skin tightening problems. IN other words, it is hard to fight nature which is why many people opt for technology-aided solutions.

My doctor though is ‘old-fashioned’ and have so far advised various options. Natural solutions like hydrating, eating collagen and elastin, and the protein in cheese, milk, legumes, tofu, beans, seeds, nuts and fish that contain healthy oil can help keep skin plump and elastic. On the other hand, avoiding chemicals in harsh detergents like sulfates in soaps, shampoos and dish washing liquids or staying away from tanning booths, limiting exposure to sun, hot and chlorinated water, can also help rejuvenate skin or prevent it from further deteriorating.  At most, my doctor did prescribe using limited amounts of skin tightening treatment products like creams and applications that contain potent anti-aging ingredients can help against sagging, loss of elasticity and firmness but do not generally improve skin health.