Planning the Best and Majestic Prom Ever!

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Prom is such a wonderful and exciting time in every teenager’s life. It is something that they’ll remember for the rest of their life. Organising an event like this requires dedication to make it the most memorable prom for the teens. So, where do you start when planning an event like this? We’ll run down with you the steps in preparing the perfect prom.


Set a date for the prom. Most schools have their proms around January and February. However, all flowers are on demand (more expensive than usual) the days leading up to the 14th because of Valentine’s Day. Event furniture rental in Singapore is also busy around those months because of Chinese New Year celebrations. If you can get a good deal before then, you can have your prom around that time. But if you can’t it’s better to save some money on something else and set the prom to a later date.


Creating a theme for your prom is necessary because almost everything follows after that. Event furniture rental, decor, and programme of your prom all take cues from the theme. The theme should reflect the people attending the prom. Run a poll of some of the topics that interest them. Once you have a theme ready you can get started on sending out the invitations.


Without a working venue, then there is no prom. Venues have to accessible to all attendees. It also has to be versatile to match your theme. Most schools choose hotels as a venue for the prom. It adds instant glamour to the prom.

Furniture and Decor

The style of your prom should follow the theme. Look for a reliable company that specialises in rental furniture in Singapore. Most often than not they will have a portfolio so you can pick and choose the furniture to be used in the prom. Decor is also important because it adds to the grandeur of the prom. This is a chance for everyone in the prom to experience something that is elegant and


Most hotel venues also allow catering making it easier and cheaper for you to choose the dishes to be served. Choose the hors d’oeuvres and drinks that everyone can enjoy. Decide also whether you want a sit-down dinner or buffet.


Have all the students decide on a programme for the prom. With them involved, they become more eager as the day comes. It usually comes with an introduction, a performance, and closing remarks. You can also have a photo booth in the venue so they can take priceless pictures with their respective dates and friends.


Music is a huge part of a prom. Students who are in a band will be a great choice. Theme can also influence the music of the prom.

Making one night memorable for a lot of people is tough. But keeping all these factors in mind and getting the students involved with the development of the prom will make them appreciate the prom all the more.