Preparing for the Perfect Escape

Nothing beats the happiness of a person travelling far away from home. Travelling can be your best friend and your greatest escape. It helps you relax, explore, and to simply have fun. People have different perceptions when it comes to travelling. Others may think that the road trip heading towards the destination is the most exciting part, or the whole travel experience, or also packing your stuff! Basically, everything is really exciting when it comes to travelling.


But before anything else, here are some preparation tips for you to experience your best escape ever:


  • Make a packing list

Plan ahead of time and list down all the things that you will need to bring for travelling so in that way, the whole process will become less hassle. 


  • Organize your stuff

This can be really challenging, but depending on where and how long your travel destination is, make sure to prepare enough backpacks or a really huge luggage. As much as possible, bring clothes that aren’t too big or heavy. Roll (and do not fold) your clothes inside the luggage so that there’ll be more space for other necessities. And as for toiletries and other personal stuff, place them inside the compartment of the luggage, or put them in a separate bag. So in that way, all personal stuff will remain sanitized. For your footwear, bring only the necessary ones and place them inside a plastic bag or a paper bag.


  • Prepare your personal carry-on bag

Important items such as your wallet, cell phone and passport should be kept inside your carry-on bag. You can place other personal belongings if you think that your travel bag is already jam packed or bring a zip lock and a plastic bag for recycling purposes too.


  • Prepare your travel expenses

Bring enough amount of money for the whole travel trip. Also, in case of emergency, if you can add more money to your budget, then do so.


  • Do not forget your first aid kit

It doesn’t matter how long or short you’ll be gone for your travel. Never forget your first aid kit because unexpected circumstances may occur anytime. Better be safe than sorry!


  • Double check everything

Now that you’re all packed and ready to go, do not forget to double check everything before leaving the house. Think twice and look twice if there are items that you haven’t included yet inside the luggage.


Travelling can also make you feel tired. Whether you’re riding a bus, plane or a car, it’s always best to have your cuddle buddy beside you. Snuggle up and have sweet dreams with your best pillow from Singapore as you reach your destination.


  • Bring munchies with you as you travel

Fill in that empty stomach and just enjoy the ride. It’s very important to have a little snack with you while you travel.


  • Have fun

Make the most out of your trip! Take videos and photos and do not stress yourself even just for a while. Relax and enjoy your escape! Make everything memorable!