Things To Take Note of Before You Deal with Fire in the Workplace

There’s no telling what tomorrow will bring—whether this includes impossible deadlines in the office, a bad lunch sandwich or, in the case of emergencies, fire—a fire in the pantry, to be exact.

What do you do? Do you head for the hills or help? And if you want to help, do you know how?

Here are a few things you need to factor in before you go diving into the fray:

  • Can you extinguish the fire?

Is it a small fire? How small is small, you ask? Well, if it’s no more than the size of a small waste bin, then there’s hope yet for you and your work mates—that size is still easy enough to contain.

However, if it’s any larger than that, the fire extinguisher might not be able to offer any practical help. Begin evacuation procedures right away. Call the fire department. Don’t attempt to save anything. Just walk out the door with your work mates. Save yourself.

When the time comes and you need to order a new set for everything—whether these includes office furniture systems or workshop racking system models—just count yourself lucky that you’re still there and that you can still worry about these things.

  • If the fire can be contained, then what type is it?

Find out the nature of the fire. Is it electrical or not? There are different ways to deal with fire, depending on what got it started in the first place. Having that kind of information will allow you or anyone else in your circle to quickly take the best and right solution to the problem.

  • What do you use to put it out?

For electrical fires, using water to douse it out is a big no-no. Someone could end up getting electrically shocked. Just use a class ABC fire extinguisher. That one should work.

For fires that aren’t electrical in nature, you can use a fire extinguisher—again, class ABC. Or you can get a towel, soak it in water and throw that over the tiny flame.

Another way to deal with the fire is to throw a pail of water over it. You can repurpose any handy container you find in your pantry for this—just make sure the container doesn’t have any leftover chemical or solution. Otherwise, you could aggravate the fire and make the situation worse, to the added misfortune of everyone else in the office, as well yours.

If all else fails, then start evacuation procedures immediately.