Three Essential Health Tips for Working Moms

As what they say being a mother is one of the most challenging and tiring job there is. But alongside the hardship is also having the most fulfilling task by raising your kids as well. For career women though, it’s double the effort! It is having two responsibilities everyday!

With these situations, it is still important that mothers take good care of their health. This is their maintaining factor and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Here are threeessential health tips for the career women out there!


It is a common knowledge to have at least eight glasses of water a day, and take advantage of the word ‘least’ as it is best to exceed it. Drinking water regularly maintains the balance of your body fluids. If you would like to have some alternative, you can also drink juice that is rich in vitamin C to protect you from sickness or soy milk to provide you energy throughout the day. Find time to drink within office hours or house chores!


The busy schedule of going to work and taking care of your children may hinder you from getting some good exercise, but that shouldn’t be the case. One of the basic advantage of having a work out is it controls your weight. Some mothers tend to gain weight due to their schedule itself. The most important benefit of exercising aside from the changes it will improve on your outside, is what it can do on your inside. Exercise reduced risk from health conditions or diseases like diabetes, heart attack or cancer. A regular work out can also improve your mood as it stimulates brain chemicals responsible for feeling happier.

With all of these benefits mentioned, mothers shouldn’t feel deprived with what seems to be a lack of time for exercise. You can spare a 30-minute brisk walk or jog before going to work. You can do some sit-ups, jumping jacks, and other cardio work out in less than an hour. Remember that it’s how strenuous your routine is that is important.


This is probably one of the hardest thing to follow for working moms as the 24 hours in a day may not even be enough to divide for both your work and family. Unfortunately there are circumstances when more than half of your time (especially on weekdays) is spent at work and the remaining hours would have to be squeezed on being the super mom!

Though it may seem impossible, do your best to have at least five to six hours of sleep. Once you put your kids to slumber, join them and relax. Having enough sleep keeps you focus during the day, puts you to better mood and even make you look more attractive!

Remember working moms, you are your kids’ wonder woman. And a wonder woman should still face the world with a healthy physique and beautiful aura!