Tips on Purchasing a Casket at the Right Price

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Caskets are not only a simple box made of different materials. The casket will be the resting place of the ones who we love that is why we want to be special. However, choosing the right casket is not an easy task. There are several things to consider aside from its appearance. We know that decision-making can be overwhelming, that is why we listed below some tips on how to purchase a casket without breaking the bank.

Set a budget

We all want to give the best for our family and friends all the time, even with the funeral service and the casket they will use after they died. If possible, we want to choose the most expensive ones that are made of fine and durable materials, or the ones with beautiful ornate. However, even if that is what we want, you do not need to do it especially if it is not impossible. When choosing the type of funeral service as well as selecting the casket, it is important that you know the budget for each things that you will need.

List everything that you need to pay from the start until the end and write the budget you are willing to pay for each one. Doing this will prevent you from overspending and having a problem later on. Aside from the budget for the casket, do not forget to list other things that are important like the flowers, payment for the funeral service or home, and even the cost of hearse rental. Make sure that everything is listed to avoid adjusting the budget from time to time.

Know your options

Remember that for every budget, there are right casket that you can choose. Singapore casket services include assisting you in choosing what type you want to avail. Tell them about your budget to help narrow down the choices and avoid selecting the expensive ones. Singapore casket company wants to make your decision making easier so that you can find the right type that will fit for your deceased loved one. Below are some of the types of caskets and their differences.

  • Wooden – It can be made of different types of wood including cherry, mahogany, oak, poplar, maple, pine, veneer, walnut, and oak. It is a traditional choice and can be painted, laminated, or covered with cloth. Most people choose this type of casket because it is cheaper than fiberglass and metal. However, the prices will still vary depending on the type of wood, finishes, construction, and interior. Among all the types of wood, the cherry, walnut, and mahogany are the most preferred because of its elegant look and highly polished finishes. In terms of strength and hardness, maple is the best choice, while oak wood has the graining pattern that is highly recognizable.
  • Metal – Metal caskets can be made of stainless steel, standard steel, bronze, and copper. Most people like this type because of its durability and appearance. Bronze and copper have the highest quality and are permanent non-rusting material. Stainless steel is also rust-resistant and has an exceptional value, while the standard steel is considered the most economical type because of its durability. The prices of metal caskets are usually expensive because it can present a prominent statement, and it varies from the type of metal used.
  • Eco-friendly – This type of casket is not yet widely offered by companies that offer funeral services Singapore. An eco-friendly casket is suited for green burial that is environmental friendly. The material used in making eco-friendly caskets are biodegradable including rattan, bamboo, banana leaf, sea grass, and infested pine trees. It can be good for the nature and can be purchased on a cheap price, but its quality and durability are lower compared to other types of casket.
  • Fiberglass – Unlike wood and metal caskets, fiberglass is just a new alternative. Fiberglass casket is the choice of some people who prefer a type that is lightweight but still durable and strong. It can look like a marble or a wood by applying the finishes.