Types of Salted Egg Dishes


Do you know the latest food snack craze in town? Have you heard about the salted egg yolk chips in Singapore? Why do you think people are willing to stand in the queue just to buy a pouch/pack of chips? What’s so special about it? Perhaps, these are some of the questions you hope to ask to those avid lovers for salted egg chips. But, the question remains; despite being costly, why do they still crave for it?

Salted egg yolk chips are crispy potato tips seasoned with salted egg. Why is it special? It’s because of the special ingredient called salted egg! Salted egg or duck egg creates a salty taste when mixed in sweet dishes. It’s a very unique flavour that surely will get you hooked. Unlike other chips, the salted egg chips leave no after taste. It is a crunchy potato chips that has mixture of pure sweet and salty zest!

Today, the traditional salted egg ingredient is making waves in the food market. Originally, this food snack craze begun in China and Korea. Then, countries like Singapore and Malaysia joined in creating a whole new food experience using the salted egg. Aside from salted egg chips, a number of stores and restaurants in Singapore are reinventing dishes with salted egg. The following are just a few of the newest and best selling food and deserts inspired by salted egg.

  1. Salted Egg Bread

Bakeshops are trying to produce new flavours of pastries using the salted egg. For example, the famous custard buns now evolved to salted egg croissants. Muffins are now remade with cheese, bacon and salted egg bits as toppings. A playful and interesting treat to all pastry lovers!

  1. Salted Egg Salad

Still on a salad diet but wanted to try a new menu for salad toppings and dressings? Try the freshly picked salad topped with salted egg dressings! Instead of using the traditional plain hardboiled egg, salted egg bits are mixed into the salad dressing to create a sweet and salty flavour.

  1. Salted Egg Pasta

Pasta lovers will surely enjoy the newest pasta menu featuring the salted egg. Your favourite carbonara dish is remade using salted egg cream sauce.

  1. Salted Egg Chicken Wings

Do you like battered-fried chicken wings? What’s your favourite sauce flavour? Have you tried the salted egg chicken wings? It’s the newest addition to menu of sauces! If you are not a fan of sweet and spicy sauces, why not try a sweet and salty sauce? It has a savoury taste that you surely would not want to miss.

  1. Salted Egg Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the interesting desserts that you can reinvent by using new sauces. The newest ice cream flavour that’s trending today is the salted egg caramel ice cream. It’s sweet and at the same time has a bit of salty taste. You’ll never get use eating such flavourful ice cream.

Are you now addicted to salted egg dishes? Try exploring for more food, snacks and dessert menu’s inspired by salted egg! I’m sure restaurants are challenging themselves to create their own version of salted egg dishes to be part of their chef’s special menu.