Unforgettable Adventure Destinations for Girlfriends


It’s just you and the girls. No kids, no husbands, no boyfriends. It time to catch up on life and laughter with your BFFs. Looking for places to enjoy some girl moments? Why not look for holiday package deals where you don’t have to worry about anything. Check out these destinations for an unforgettable adventure with your BFFs.

Shop in Paris

Considered to be the Fashion capital of the World, Paris is home to some of the most well known signature fashion brands all over the globe. Signature brands from left to right, you and your girlfriends will have a great time buying the clothes and accessories not being sold in your hometown. Just make sure you bring an extra luggage for your new things. While Paris is indeed a luxury shopping paradise, it is also home to great coffee shops and pastries. After a day of shopping and visiting historical sites, cap the day off with a great tasting espresso while watching the sunset in Paris.

Carribean Cruise

Taking a cruise is the ultimate travel package deals for women, it can also mean “ME” time for mothers and partners. Choose from any of the holiday destinations each cruise company offers. Cruises know how to pamper their guest with fancy dinners, buffet all day, spas and gyms, sun bathing or even a simple wine lunch with girlfriends. When the ship reaches their destination, the package usually comes with a tour of the place complete with hands on experience of the country’s food and culture.

Swimming in Miami

What better place to get some sun than in South Beach or also known as Miami. Miami has a lot to offer for your Girls Day Off. As soon as you’ve booked a room in Miami’s luxury hotels, go to Crandon Park Beach where there are a lot of recreational activities like cycling, beach volleyball and water activities like kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skis and many more. Then at night, you may want to try going to their hottest nightclubs and enjoy a night of Margaritas and Salsa Dancing.

Learn to Cook in California

How about some going on a food adventure with your “sisters”? Learn to cook delicious new dishes with the help of world class chefs and learn the art of wine drinking from the best wine connoisseurs by enrolling in those week long “cooking retreat” classes. This is a farm-to-table experience that you will surely learn and enjoy. You’ll also be able to meet new people because in these classes, you will eat what you’ve all learn to cook that day.