Ways to Make Promotional Corporate Gifts Effective for Business Marketing

personalized corporate gifts

Companies and brands give corporate gifts to their employees, clients, and even business partners because of different reasons but one of the common and main reasons is to promote their brands. There is nothing wrong with sending a gift to a client to show your gratitude for their support to your company and at the same time let them promote your brand to potential clients. If you want to ensure that giving promotional corporate gifts will be effective in marketing your business or brand, below are some of the ways and tips on how to do it.

  1. Choose items that are related to your brand

If you own a coffee shop, it is better to give custom made gifts that can be used by your customers like insulated tumblers or mugs that they can use wherever they go and still enjoy the coffee that they purchase from your shop. You can also gift tea infusers or a reusable coffee sleeves that you can print your logo with. Choosing an item related to your products or services will instantly remind the gift recipients about your brand.  Aside from asking them to promote your brand in a subtle way, you can also assure that they will always be reminded of what your brand or company can offer that will help you retain them as your customers.

  1. Decide on what to print

Most promotional items or gifts that are given to employees, clients, or potential customers have a printed logo or company name on it. The choice between the logo and the company name is entirely up to you. Your brand or company might already be known hence you can just choose a logo but if you think you still need more people to know the name of your company or business, that’s when you should choose to print the name on the items that you’ll be giving. You can also add other details about your brand such as the website or contact details. However, keep in mind that it will be better if you choose minimalist printing on the gift items because some of the recipients might get annoyed to use an item with lots of advertising print on it. Remember to choose the right size of logo and font size to keep it simple and still classy.

  1. Use your own products

Another way to market your business is to give samples of your products as promotional gifts. If you own a stationery business, you can give notebooks or notepads to your clients as a corporate gift. You can also personalize it with the names of the recipients. Giving sample of your products is an effective way to market your business because you are giving the recipients ideas about what they can purchase from you and they can figure out if they will like your products. It is recommended that you hand this kind of promotional gifts to your current customers or clients when you released a new product or you can also give samples of your own products to potential customers.