What Cosmetic Surgery Has for Us This 2018

In this era where technological advancements are high and new inventions spring up almost every day, the maxim “no pain, no gain” is already near fictional. Why would you go under a surgery knife—to enhance a feature in your body or your face—if you don’t have to? 2018 marks the year where many cosmetic procedures are already free of pain and with short time for recovery!

According to a study made by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the consensus of people lying down on the surgery bed for a painless cosmetic enhancement has dramatically increased since 2015. Surely, the aesthetic surgery arena has already reached another milestone, especially in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

Guilt-Free Alterations

If you’ve ever been to Korea, the one country that stands out as one with the highest rate of plastic surgeries per capita in the world, one thing you’d notice is how they look like princes and princesses. They got their jaws tapered, their cheeks contoured, their lips augmented, and widened their drooping upper eyelids.

Since procedures are painless, the weight of the thought of altering a feature in a person’s face does not seem much of a big deal. You step into the clinic; when you get out, you’re a different person. Cosmetic procedure is so common in Korea, and it is common anywhere else in the world. Among the common procedures, facelifts and facial fillers are the ones sought after.

The Quickest Facelift in Town

What can you do in a span of 30 minutes? Listen to seven songs from you Spotify playlist, drive to the nearest gas station and get your tank filled, browse for stilettos online, check your Facebook news feed? Now, you can head over to the aesthetician’s clinic on your break and get a lunchtime facelift!

This procedure takes only half an hour, with the full face treatment and the prep time included. The doctors said that the worst discomfort a patient will feel is the numbing sensation from the anesthesia. After the procedure, you should avoid direct exposure to sunlight, refrain from putting on makeup, and stack two to three pillows under your neck and sleep with your face up for three to five consecutive nights.

Face FIllers

How do celebrities keep those facial wrinkles, folds and contour lines at bay? Dermatologists and surgeons used to keep them a secret, but after cosmetic vanity became an amenity even for middle-class working women in Singapore, face fillers became the new thing.

Dermal fillers are commonly used for the lips and face, and it is injected to a patient’s skin, enhancing you skin’s texture and tone. After a few rounds of fillers, you’ll notice that your skin has a more youthful glow, your wrinkles are smoothed out, and lifting your sunken cheeks. Patients who have undergone this procedure have noted that there is absolutely no pain, both during and after the procedure. Although there is a minimal swelling and temporary numbness, these usually go away after a few days.