What Countries Offer the Best MBA Programs in Southeast Asia?

It is no secret that if you want an edge in your current job over the rest of the competition, whether it is for a promotion or a salary increase, you should consider getting an MBA. If your dream job is a high level management position, there’s no doubt that an MBA under your belt gives you an extra favorable “pull” with higher-ups since you understand more than what is listed in your job description. More often than not, an MBA shows leadership capability, understanding of employee dynamics, and deeper insight into business practices.

Taking an MBA as an addition to arts degrees is also useful. This is because more than honing your craft, you will be able to understand the business side of it, which is the side that helps you make money and operate in a smoother, structured fashion. So is taking an MBA degree helpful in landing you your dream job? The short answer is yes.

Definitely, taking an MBA degree shows that you are willing to go the extra mile in understanding more than just the job you want. Here are some of the top schools in Southeast Asia offering MBA courses. A degree earned at schools from these countries will give you that edge you want, but always remember that you also need to pull your weight in in terms of hard work and dedication to your craft.


No doubt, an MBA in Singapore is something that is looked upon with great prestige. Singapore is home to a number of national universities and private colleges whose MBA programs have been consistently ranked among the best in Southeast Asia. More than that, the top school in Southeast Asia offering an MBA program is located in Singapore–namely the National University of Singapore. This is not the only option for an MBA in Singapore though–three other Singaporean schools are in the top 10 MBA in Southeast Asia.


Well-known for a few decades as one of the best MBA schools, the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines is ranked 4th in the top MBA schools in Southeast Asia. Based on faculty resources, student quality and academic reputation, this school has been known to produce MBA graduates who are well-equipped to handle the demands of the corporate world.


Malaysia is home to Putra Malaysia and UnivTeknologi Malaysia, two schools which are known to be one of the top schools in Malaysia offering MBA degrees. They also rank in the Top 10 MBA in Southeast Asia, which is great news for students who want to take an MBA in another country yet cannot afford the high cost of living in more developed Asian countries.