What to buy when setting up an office

Your office or where you will work is important and a factor in the success of your business or company. Whether it is a small- scale venture and you are putting up a small office it is still a must to double check what should be included in your checklist. Know the size of your workspace and make sure that it is enough for you and your employees. Also get to know the nature of your business more, this is to guide you on what essential things you should and shouldn’t buy. Also be familiar with mechanical and electrical needs; from outlets, power supply connector, even pipes and water drainage if you plan to include a restroom or pantry in your office.

To further help you, here are the basic must buy you should include in your check list:


Communication is very important in any work environment. Your clients and affiliates should be able to reach you conveniently as they would play a major role in your business’ production. Make sure that you have a separate personal and work contact number so as to keep professionalism. With today’s technology, VoIP or voice over IP broadband is also recommended. This saves your phone bills and makes you globally reachable. If you are going to buy a phone, do buy the full functioning ones, preferably with fax machines.


Well of course this is a no brainer. But though getting desks and chairs are given already, make sure to also do some research that may help you cut your costing. You can try going to thrift shops that sells furniture at lower prices. Also try checking offices to be closed as some of them sell their office furniture at much lower price as well. Even if you have options to save money it is still advisable to prioritize comfort, as it will affect how you work in the long run. Choose comfortable chairs and not too space consuming desks when looking.


Now what will you put on those big and full functional desks? Unless your office would not require a computer, this should be on top of your list. Have some budget for good quality (front and back end wise) computers. Ask experts if necessary for consultation on what model to get and specs to check. Complete your office equipment with copy machines (a very big help for documentation) and printers. Again if you are not familiar, you may ask others to set-up its input output connectors, installations and have a test run after.


 This is very important to keep everything organized. Even if almost anything is going for soft copies already, paper works and hard copy documentation still exists. Having a file cabinet to categorize them will save you a lot of time and even money. You know how important ‘keeping things in black and white’ right? Also provide a storage space for each employee and for the whole office in general. This is where you can keep office supplies like papers, pens, post-its, etc., while personal storage is where you can hide your clutter.