What to Know Before Hiring a Confinement Lady

Confinement lady in general is an older woman who has an extensive experience in confinement practices and someone who can be of aid to you during your postnatal period. Usually, moms required to have a confinement lady during the first month after giving birth. Confinement lady are also known to provide assistance to new moms while they transition from a single woman to a mother. If you are a new mom, it is important that you know that hiring a confinement lady can be the best or worst decision that you have ever made depending on how you hire. To help you go through make your hiring process go smoothly I’ve listed some of the things that you should know before you hire your confinement nanny.

Ask for their references. As you may probably have noticed, a person doesn’t really need a diploma or a degree before they may be able to consider themselves as a confinement lady. For example, confinement ladies in Singapore have a background ranging from midwives to nurses even to mothers, anyone can be a confinement lady as long as they have an in-depth understanding of how is it like to be a new mother. Although hiring confinement ladies through an agency can already give you some sort of assurance it is still wise that you ask and check the references provided by your confinement lady applicant and see what kind of track record to they have before you actually hire them.

Know her personality. The person that you should hire as your good confinement nanny should be someone who has a personality that will not clash with yours and someone who can fit in your family. While you’re sizing up your potential confinement lady, it will be also helpful if you keep in mind that your confinement lady will work with you for a month so that you can prioritize the candidates that you think can be with carrying out tasks while they are working with you.

Check their restrictions. There are some confinement ladies in Singapore who have a certain restrictive practices, that at some point they would end up nagging you about your hair, hygiene, the number of time you meet up with your friends and etc.. Before you hire someone, it is good that you discuss these kind of matters first so that you may be able to create a compromise or agree to discuss such matters with an open mind.

Ask their price range. If you have already read other blog post about confinement ladies you also probably know that hiring one may cost you a lot of money, so before you officially hire anyone you should first set a price which the two of you can agree on.