When To Call For Air Conditioner Servicing

Many things can go wrong with an air conditioner, and during hot weather, you do not want to go without a working air con unit for long. You may notice that water is leaking from your air con unit, or the air coming out of it is not cold. Perhaps your unit is suddenly making loud noises, or producing a foul odor. You may be able to take care of some of these problems yourself, if there is an obvious cause and you are mechanically adept, but it is much more prudent to have a professional do the work for you.

A lot of times, the air con’s lack of cooling ability is easily managed with a bit of air con troubleshooting. Be reminded though that whenever you attempt to clean or repair an air con unit, it is unplugged from any electrical power source.
One of the most common air conditioning troubleshooting problems that is very easy to detect is the damaged electrical cords. If you are not sure what to do or how to replace the cord, call a technician for repair.

Poor circulation is most likely due to dirty filter. Remove the brown and dusty looking filter. Rinse it with warm and soapy water. Use a soft brush to clean the aluminum fins.
Other problems can include unusual noise by the fan or the fan motor, or the thermostat being damaged. You will need to call a technician for these air con issues.
Before asking you to bring the unit in for repair, the technician might ask you if you have performed troubleshooting on your own. List down the things you have done to check and repair the air con but don’t try to solve the issue if you are not sure what to do.

Qualified service technicians have the proper tools and equipment to fully service your air con unit, and they have the expertise needed to correctly check the safety circuits, clear the drainage pipes, and ensure the correct refrigerant pressure. If you need an air con repair service fast, here are some tips for getting air conditioner servicing done quickly and without complications.

First, be prepared. If you have already done business with an air conditioning company, it is a good idea to have their phone number or web address nearby in case you need an immediate air con repair service. Also, you should check the warranty that came with the purchase of your air conditioner to see what air con repair service is required to keep the warranty agreement intact.

If there is no longer any warranty on your air con unit, you should seek an air conditioning company with a solid reputation and good customer reviews. You can use an internet search engine to find an air con repair service within your area, or try a phone book, but your best bet is to ask for referrals from other satisfied customers. When you contact the repair service of your choice, look on their website or ask questions to find out about the company’s history and the certifications held by them.

It is an intelligent practice to write down all of the problems that you are experiencing with your air conditioner before the servicing begins, so that the service person knows exactly what to look for, and so you can verify that those problems are actually being fixed. Also, ask about service guarantees from any air conditioning company that works on your air con unit. You should always get guarantees written clearly and signed and dated by the repair person so that the guarantee is binding.

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