Why Stay in A Business Hotel in SG?

Singapore accommodates a lot of travellers annually. A majority of these are visitors are travelling for business. With a significant market for business travellers, there are plenty of options for accommodations. In this article, we list down why staying in a business hotel is very ideal for businessmen and women during their stay in Singapore.

business hotel

  • Affordable

One of the reasons why people opt for business travel hotels is because of its affordability. By catering to the needs of businessmen and women, most hotels avoid charging additional payments. Most business hotels cater to long term and short term stays. For long term stays, business hotels provide a more affordable and flexible accommodations.

  • Strategically Located

The indicator of a good business hotel is its closeness to the Central Business District. Business hotels should provide the convenience needed by their guests to attend meetings and conferences in nearby areas. One undeniable plus about a centrally located business hotel in Singapore is that it is also close to most transportation terminals. With a centrally located address, you can be sure that you can easily get to meetings and flights in no time.

  • Efficient

The hospitality industry is known to be efficient. What makes the business hotel industry different? Specialising in business travel allows them to actively assess the needs of business travellers. Business hotel rooms are equipped with all their needs to make any businessman or woman comfortable during their stay. Concierge and housekeeping services are also geared towards being effective in addressing the needs of their guests. From quick laundry services to expedited business services, a business hotel will provide an executive with everything they would need for a productive stay.

  • Complete Amenities

These types of hotels are packed with amenities that are essential for business executives. From lightning fast internet speeds to an abundance of conference rooms, there is very little executives can ask for in a business hotel. It allows guests to focus on getting enough rest or getting work done with ease. Some of the amenities you can find on business hotels are also a fully functional gym as well as a swimming pool. Just because you are travelling for business doesn’t mean you should let go of your health.

  • Membership Services

Most business hotels have different partnerships with other hotels all over the world. Once a member, this can provide you with excellent perks such as room upgrades or room discounts. VIP services are very prominent in most business hotels. If you travel often, it is a great way to save on travel expenses and get VIP treatment in the process.

Staying in a business hotel doesn’t have to be all business. There are also a lot of great amenities you can find in a business hotel that doesn’t revolve around business. Look for a business hotel that has most of the features that you are looking for.

Are you travelling to Singapore soon? What do you look for in a business hotel? Do let us know in the comments section below.