Yoga: From Passion to Profession

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Have you ever dreamed of making a living out from doing what you love? It sounds exciting, right? Though it is not very common, there are still a number of individuals who have found their passion in their current profession. While in some cases, people just realized that their current profession has become their long-searched passion.

Passion comes in different forms. It may be found in your work place, in your current lifestyle, your usual habits, your daily and occasional outreach projects, field activities and adventures or just something that you enjoy doing the most. It could you love for children, your love for making accessories out from local raw materials, your love for cooking, your love to stay fit and healthy or your for dressmaking and fashion. It could be anything under the sun and sometimes, it usually comes in the least unexpected manner. For some, they easily found their passion at an early age while others, up until now, are still searching for that “love” that gives them utmost happiness and fulfilment.

Yoga, for instance, is one of the very few healthy lifestyle routine that is making a trend, nowadays. Before this type of exercise was just a mere meditation and relaxation routine. But today, a number of individuals are embracing it as part of their lifestyle and now is becoming the source of passion in maintaining life and work balance.

Surprisingly, aside from becoming a lifestyle fad, yoga has also influenced a number of health enthusiasts to pursue it as a profession. These people enrol for a yoga certification courses to become certified trainers. The yoga training courses involves different classes on mastering the practice of asana, pranayama, dharana and dhyana.

Moreover, more than being a lifestyle and profession, health enthusiasts become more attracted to yoga because it provides more than physical benefits. The following are some additional benefits of practicing yoga every day.

  1. Health Benefits

Aside from improving flexibility, strength, balance and endurance, different yoga poses can help improve your health condition. For example, the breathing exercise helps ease symptoms of mild to moderate asthma. A few daily routine poses provide cardiovascular benefits; while yoga with use of props like belts, blocks and other positioning aids help people with rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Emotional Health Boost

Yoga also boosts emotional health as it involves relaxation and meditation routines. According to several medical studies, yoga exercise has help people with depression, schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions and sleep problems. It is also seen as a beneficial adjunctive treatment for post traumatic disorder.

  1. Back Pain Treatment

The stretching poses in yoga also improve spinal flexibility and are seen to be an effective treatment for chronic back pain and other issues associated with multiple sclerosis like loss of muscle function and coordination.

  1. Fertility Aid

Aside from decreasing stress, yoga also improves blood circulation to reproductive organs; thus, help improve organ and hormone function. Studies have shown that reduction of stress helps conception become easier. That is why some yoga clinics provide specialised classes for moms and moms-to-be to enhance fertility levels.

  1. Memory Boost

Practicing yoga has multiple mental health benefits. As it decreases mental stress, reduces physical tension, it also boosts memory and increases mental function. Clearing one’s mind with worries and anxieties helps improve cognitive function.